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Name: Saito Tsume

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Arcane (For Adventure/Fantasy RPs or any similar to it as such): He uses the magical capabilities he was born with to boost his physical body, such as increasing speed, strength, or susceptibility to wounds. 

Hair: Shorter than mid-length.

Hair Color: Black as an endless oblivion

Age: (18 - 21)

Height: 6'1

Weapon (Also for Adventure/Fantasy RPs or ones of similar nature.): Uses a silver rapier imbued with frost magic, with a chain going from the bottom connecting to a sickle with lightning magic

Outfit: A grey long-coat with a grey-black sleeved shirt and white pants. He often also wears a black satchel, in which he carries his journal, and a good-luck charm, which is made out of silver and resembles a solar eclipse with a figure of a flaming kitsune engraved on it.

Personality: Quiet, untrusting, and emotionally distant on the outside. However, on the inside was craving for love and attention he was deprived of as a child. He will risk his life to save anyone from trouble, no matter who they are once he bonds with them.. 

History: Saito was born into a very wealthy family that had ties to political backing. The Tsume family was very rich that he loved and felt warmth from, until that terrible day (as Saito refers to it.). One day, on a day like any day ten years ago, Saito was inside his room of the house asleep. His father, apparently drunk, had decided to walk into his son's room and dropped his pants for the lack of better terms. With his pants dropped, he climbed over his son and rid him of his clothing. With that over, he slurred on about how beautiful his son was, all of this Saito had awoken to. Saito tried to push his father off, but that was in vain as he much to strong when he was restraining him down. His father lined up his member to Saito's entrance, and proceeded to ravage him, all the while Saito bellowed out screams. After a couple hours, his father awoke out of his drunken brutishness to find himself in his son's room, on top of his own child whose bed was stained with blood. He freaked out, and locked himself in his room. Saito, who was crying and left emotionally shocked and unstable, put his clothes back on, packed his belongings, and just ran away.

(Real Life Outcome) Soon after, Saito had decided to move into an upscale apartment two towns over, hoping to start his life anew, but painstakingly decided to keep contact with his family, but would never speak with his father. The tragic event however, caused him to grow emotionally distant and untrusting of others, but with the caring personality of his neighbors caused him to warm up to them, as well as swear to protect them at all costs. He had bought out the apartment complex, a gift from his....father.

(Adventure/Fantasy Outcome) He had decided to live within the forest and trained to his hearts content. Now, ten years later at his current age of (18 - 21), Saito is a new man with amazing capabilities. However, that one tragic night made him grow emotionally distant, and relatively untrusting of other humans, but not the mythical beings he had met and grew to become their friends.

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